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Advice to Thrive–Establish a Morning Routine

22 Comments 30 August 2012

Dear Leslie, I need help! It’s only the first week of school and I’m ready to tear my hair out. My kids (11, 9 and 7) can’t seem to get up and moving in the morning. I’m dragging them out of bed (literally), which puts us all in a bad mood by the time I […]

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What Hats Do You Wear?

6 Comments 09 November 2011

What hats do you wear? If you’re anything like me, you shoulder myriad (just a fancy word for many) responsibilities. Yep, it’s not just your imagination. Everyone you know—from the man who shares your bed to the gal who colors your hair to the runny-nosed kids you tuck in every night—wants a piece of you. […]

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I belong. To God, to Bret (my husband of 23 years), and to my precious children—Charlie, Molly & Reese.

I’m blessed. To speak, write, edit and market for a living.

I’m called. To thrive in life—to find contentment where I am and with what I have.

Leslie has a newsletter
Leslie has a newsletter

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