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The Hunger Games Really Satisfies

6 Comments 30 March 2012

Though I technically didn’t see The Hunger Games the correct way (standing in line for hours to see it at midnight opening day), last night my husband and I did traipse to our local cineplex to check it out. And let me just say, wow! Totally gripping from start to finish. Weird and wonderful cinematography. […]

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A Write Resolution–Part II or 20 Things to Jump Start Your Writing Career

6 Comments 03 January 2012

Yesterday, I challenged you to write as part of your New Year’s resolution. Whether you journal, pen poetry, jot down novel plots on a napkin at Starbucks or write your 100,000-word memoir, writing cleanses the mind and soul through introspection and allows you to escape. If you’re serious about trying to publish your work, read […]

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I belong. To God, to Bret (my husband of 23 years), and to my precious children—Charlie, Molly & Reese.

I’m blessed. To speak, write, edit and market for a living.

I’m called. To thrive in life—to find contentment where I am and with what I have.

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Leslie has a newsletter

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