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Thrive It Up!–Part III

7 Comments 18 September 2011

To prep for my new Mission Everything-Is-Possible-with-God, I’ve studied some thrivers to see how they think, act, and live. Mostly unbeknownst (Is that an awesome word or what? It has two prefixes and two suffixes. Probably a grammatical record.) to these people, I’ve observed their attitude and behaviors. I long to be more like them. […]

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What Does Leslie Mean by Thrive It Up?

11 Comments 16 September 2011

  Thrive It Up! is the website and blog of Leslie Wilson. I hope you’ll to stop by in the coming weeks and months. I’ll post on topics that will interest us both—and allow you plenty of opportunities to chime in. (Actually, I’ve prayed that someone—anyone—will join the discussion. Although I talk to myself quite […]

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Leslie Wilson Bio

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I belong. To God, to Bret (my husband of 23 years), and to my precious children—Charlie, Molly & Reese.

I’m blessed. To speak, write, edit and market for a living.

I’m called. To thrive in life—to find contentment where I am and with what I have.

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Leslie has a newsletter
Leslie has a newsletter

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