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  ABC's of Effective Discipline CDThe ABC’s of Effective Discipline (CD-ABC) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Who’s in control in your house? If not you, I help by sharing discipline strategies, as easy as ABC. “A” stands for Authority in the home. I encourage parents to avoid extremes—being Dictators or Pushovers—with regard to discipline. “B” stands for Boundaries. And “C” stands for Creativity—how discipline should be applied.

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Discover Your Passion CDDiscover Your Passion & Do It (CD-DYP) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Locate and rekindle the person the you used to be—before you were married and had kids—by identifying things you’re passionate about in and of yourself, then carve out some time to do those things again.
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Happily Ever After CDHappily Ever After: Balancing Expectations and Reality in Marriage (CD-HEA) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

What? You were expecting perfection from your hubby? Learn ways to raise your reality, lower your expectations and balance life better in order to enjoy your marriage more.
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Home Fires CDHome Fires: Keeping Sparks of Passion in Your Marriage (CD-HF) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Are things more routine than passionate in your marriage? Is it difficult to make time for one another with all the kids running around? I share ways to put hubby first and nurture that most important of all relationships!  
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If Mama Ain't HappyIf Mama Ain’t Happy: Find Balance & Contentment in Motherhood (CD-IMAH) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

  Balance? What’s that? Contentment? Yeah, right! Does hubby wonder why you greet him with irritation or indifference on a good night? I address areas of discontent and how to improve attitudes about motherhood.

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In the Good Ol' SummertimeIn the Good Ol’ Summertime: Tips for a Super Summer (CD-SUM) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Summer can either be the longest or shortest 12 weeks of motherhood, depending on how you approach it. I communicate simple strategies that help you make the most of the time off from school and regular activities. Add to Cart  


Kid Boot Camp CDKid Boot Camp: Teaching Your Children to Be Responsible (CD-KBC) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Want to work your way out of the job of motherhood by the time your kids are 18? Learn strategies—along with practical applications—to better prepare your children for life because hopefully they will be moving out someday . . .
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Order in the Home CDOrder in the Home: Getting Organized and Staying that Way (CD-OTH) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Using an acrostic for ORDER, I explain how Organization, Routine, Displays, Elimination and Records can help any household overcome problems caused by chaos and a lack of order.
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Planting Seeds of FaithPlanting the Seeds of Faith: Giving Your Children a Strong Spiritual Foundation (CD-PSF) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Don’t rely on Sunday school to teach kids about Jesus. Learn terrific ways to give children spiritual nourishment. We begin with giving mom the spiritual foundation she needs, then working on the kids! Lots of Scripture.
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Power Moms CDPower Moms: Relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit to Be the Mom God Intended You to Be (CD-PM) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

We try to be all—wife, mother, sister, friend—under our own power and often we fail. I share ways to submit to the Lord and let Him work through us to accomplish His purpose for our lives. Lots of Scripture. Add to Cart  


Praying for your ChildrenPraying for Your Children & Their Future Mates (CD-PFC) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Replace worry for your children with prayer! I share strategies for praying God’s word in specific situations and help moms realize the importance of praying for their own children and their children’s future spouses.
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Putting Christ Back into ChristmasPutting Christ Back Into Christmas: Tracing the Christian Origin of Christmas Traditions (CD-CIC) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

I examine time-honored traditions—celebrating Christmas on December 25th, sending Christmas cards, decorating trees, believing in Santa, and exchanging gifts—and trace how each is rooted in the Christian faith.
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Target Your Parenting CDTarget Your Parenting: How to Parent Different Types of Kids (CD-TYP) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Is your child a sanguine, a choleric, a melancholy or a phlegmatic personality? Does she like to be cuddled or read to? What is her learning style? What role does birth order play in each family. Parenting doesn’t have to be hit or miss. Learn specific ways to direct your parenting and be more effective in the process.
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Teaching Kids about Sex CDTeaching Your Kids about Sex(CD-SEX) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

By identifying specific resources, I help equip you for those all-important discussions with your kids concerning marriage, sex, childbirth, STDs, privacy issues, abstinence, and dating. Relying on a scriptural foundation, I encourage you in your quest to rear children who make godly choices regarding purity and marriage.
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The Home CDThe Home: Making It the Place They Want to Be (CD-HOME) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Many moms think home management simply means keeping up with laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. I move on to creative ways to add warmth to our homes. Lastly, I discuss serving everything with love through an attitude of unselfishness and a desire to identify and meet the individual needs of our family members.
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'Tis the Season CDTis the Season: How To Take the Stress out of the Holidays (CD-TIS) – $3.00 (+ $4.50 Shipping)

Through simple things such as prayer, planning ahead, preparation, and patience, I reveal strategies to help you thrive through—not just survive—the holidays, from Halloween through New Year’s. I also share a Holiday To Do List that is sure to keep you organized, gracious, and enthusiastic during the busy season.
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I belong. To God, to Bret (my husband of 23 years), and to my precious children—Charlie, Molly & Reese.

I’m blessed. To speak, write, edit and market for a living.

I’m called. To thrive in life—to find contentment where I am and with what I have.

Leslie has a newsletter
Leslie has a newsletter

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