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(Note: Each talk runs approximately 45 minutes.)


No More Cookie-Cutter Kids: Target Your Teaching to Each Individual Student

Like snowflakes, no two children are exactly alike. By identifying a child’s specific personality type, you can more effectively teach sanguine, melancholy, choleric, and phlegmatic children. We’ll also discuss learning styles, kids’ needs, birth order, and love languages to help you better love, discipline and motivate each student.


I Can’t NOT Teach

Specifically designed for those who are called to work with children, this talk will encourage and inspire you to be the best teacher you can be. Whether it’s through establishing relationships or digging deeper in the Word, Leslie offers practical insights and pearls of wisdom that will leave you eager to return to your students.


Praying for Your Students

Believing prayer to be one of the most effective parenting tools, Leslie shares whys and hows of praying God’s word in specific situations. Using a pre-, during and post-format, we discuss not only the power of prayer, but the practical aspects of incorporating it in our teaching.


Wisdom from Past Generations

Perhaps our parents and grandparents were on to something when they reared their children. In a talk using time-honored parenting clichés, Leslie offers encouragement and help for anyone who works (or plays) with children.


The Not-so-Terrible Teens and ‘Tweens: Strategies for Teaching Kids Ages 12-18

Many teachers struggle to relate to children once they hit puberty and experience hormonal and emotional changes. And what about media influences (Facebook, music, TV)? Learn effective ways to communicate with children, set proper boundaries, enforce effective discipline and partner with parents.


The ABC’s of Effective Discipline

Who’s in control in your classroom? If it’s not you, Leslie can help by sharing discipline strategies that are easy as ABC. “A” stands for Authority. Leslie encourages teachers to avoid extremes—being Dictators or Pushovers—with regard to discipline. “B” stands for Boundaries, which we need to establish early—the younger the better. And “C” stands for Creativity—how discipline should be applied.



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Leslie has a newsletter
Leslie has a newsletter

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