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Warning: If you begin to experience hot flashes, irritability, stress, night sweats, rapid heart rate or panic attacks, you’re probably:

  • Living with one or more children under the age of 5;
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your many obligations and responsibilities;
  • Wondering where all these children came from and why they’re calling you Mom;
  • Encountering side effects from being an over-committed, overwhelmed overachiever;
  • Enjoying the onset of peri-menopausal symptoms; OR
  • Riding the tidal wave of menopause—but at least you probably have grandchildren.

And you totally belong here!


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Leslie Wilson Bio

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I belong. To God, to Bret (my husband of 23 years), and to my precious children—Charlie, Molly & Reese.

I’m blessed. To speak, write, edit and market for a living.

I’m called. To thrive in life—to find contentment where I am and with what I have.

Leslie has a newsletter
Leslie has a newsletter

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