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Free Gift of Ice

No Comments 09 December 2013

North Texas recently experienced several days of wintry mix–the combination of sleet, freezing rain and below-freezing temperatures that makes it nearly impossible to drive on slick roads. The world tends to stop when Texas gets hit with an ice storm. Now for this girl who grew up in Colorado, the whole thing seems a tad […]

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Appreciate the Mundane–Things Could Be Worse!

3 Comments 09 April 2013

The monotony of day-to-day chores and activities can sometimes get to me. I have no idea why.  The truth is, regular actions in our lives mean peace reigns. Brushing my teeth, making my bed, grocery shopping, getting my oil changed, folding laundry–none of these things signal excitement or cause me to break into song like […]

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Rest in God’s Soothing Words

7 Comments 03 April 2013

I’m weary. Some of my weariness results from good–even great–stuff. My older son will marry his beautiful, wonderful, the-young-woman-I’ve-prayed-for fiance in just over three months. My daughter has been accepted and received enough financial aid for her to be able to attend Dallas Baptist University this fall. My younger son continues to amaze me with […]

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All Writers Need Regular Editing

2 Comments 14 March 2013

I’m blessed to be a part of an amazing fellowship of local authors. Rockwall Christian Writers Group has met monthly since October of 2001 at LakePointe Church in Rockwall, TX. You might recognize the names of some of our members: Mary DeMuth and Anne Mateer (formerly known as D’Ann). We three musketeers head up the […]

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13 Comments 07 March 2013

Iron Man 3 comes out May 3. I know at least three people in my household who anxiously await its release. They’re not such fanatics that they’ve already bought tickets–at least I don’t think they have. But they do appreciate the genre. Want to know a secret? I do, too. Weird, I know, that a […]

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Thrive in the Midst of Suffering

15 Comments 04 March 2013

I lead a group of high school juniors in a discipleship group. We’ve been together nearly 5 years now, and that hour and a half has become one of the highlights of my week. Brittany, Casey, Emily, Kailey, Savanna and I know each other intimately; we trust each other implicitly. Truly a picture of community […]

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Do You Need God to Makeover Your Life?

2 Comments 20 February 2013

I’ve been on a crazy kick lately—refinishing furniture. My journey started with a few little picture frames. I took plain dollar store frames and embellished them with bits of broken jewelry, lace, scrapbook elements and other antique-y (yes, it’s a word) items I unearthed at garage sales.  I quickly moved on to bigger and bulkier […]

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Introducing The Hungry Games–A Unique Approach to Weight Loss

2 Comments 03 January 2013

I recently released a new book about weight loss. In it, I offer reasons why I dislike diets and restricting food choices. But even when we think we have a grip on the external rules, we can still struggle with mind battles. Who’s really in control in our lives? Us or God? When we steal […]

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The Truth about God’s Provision

3 Comments 10 December 2012

I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season and finding blessings as you prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth. I know I am. I’ve dialed down my stress level considerably by choosing minimal decorations. Since we’ll be traveling for 10 days over Christmas, we’ll get to enjoy other people’s decorations instead of our own. But I saw a […]

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How to Do a White Elephant Gift Exchange

4 Comments 07 December 2012

As though all the crazies came out of the woodwork, we laughed ‘til we cried as we opened such silly items as a stuffed pink flamingo, a wooden sign that read, “This toilet paper roll is not going to change itself” and a redneck briefcase (actually a pair of tighty-whiteys with a wooden handle attached […]

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