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13 Comments 07 March 2013

Iron Man 3 comes out May 3. I know at least three people in my household who anxiously await its release. They’re not such fanatics that they’ve already bought tickets–at least I don’t think they have. But they do appreciate the genre. Want to know a secret? I do, too. Weird, I know, that a […]

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Beware of the Dreaded Winter “Coat”

No Comments 17 October 2012

While working out one morning, I lamented to one of my fellow gym ladies, “I’ve put on five pounds, and it really stinks! With the holidays just around the corner, I know keeping my weight in check will get harder, not easier.” She laughed–at the thought, not at me (I hope!)–and said, “Yeah, me too. […]

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Highs and Lows of the Senior Year

3 Comments 19 September 2012

My only daughter, Molly, graduates from high school in May. At least that’s the plan at present. (Just kidding, punkin!) While the idea of her moving on to the next phase–college, studying subjects she loves, making new friends and expanding her world times about 1,000–excites me . . . for her, it also brings great […]

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4 Reasons to Avoid the Deadly Comparison Game

3 Comments 28 August 2012

The other day I had trouble squeezing past the massive pickup and trailer that partially blocked our street. The landscape crew worked diligently on our neighbor’s acreage and would soon have it looking like the grounds at Buckingham Palace. I winced as I glanced to the other side of the road at our own property. […]

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No School Supply Lists for Me This Year

1 Comment 08 August 2012

School supplies spilled out of their containers as I navigated the Walmart entrance yesterday afternoon. Crazed–er, zealous parents picked through bins and stacks for the right color and size item they needed. The scene reminded me of shopping for school supplies with my mom nearly 40 years ago. Probably like many of you, we headed […]

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4 Things That Help Motivate

3 Comments 07 August 2012

A week ago, my exercise get-up-and-go got up and went. I’m not entirely sure where it went, but it left me, basically, on my own. All motivation to work out vanished. Now keep in mind that none of the basic truths about my needing to work out had changed. I still wanted to feel good, […]

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Hitting the Evil Snooze Button

3 Comments 19 July 2012

Just ten more minutes. My mind tells me hitting the snooze button isn’t going to hurt me. That ten more minutes of drifting in and out of consciousness will actually help me to be more awake, more energetic when I finally heft myself out of my comfy bed.  But for me, at least in this […]

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Rite of Passage for Teens–Grocery Shopping

3 Comments 18 July 2012

Within the past five weeks, I’ve worked seven straight days at a trade show (The Gift Market at Dallas Market Hall), taken a family stay-cation and served as a counselor on a week-long youth mission trip. To say the least, writing/speaking has taken a back seat as I’ve concentrated on different activities with a variety […]

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Battling Body Image Struggles

6 Comments 26 June 2012

Yesterday, I discussed how image struggles still plague me from time to time. Though I’d love to be able to say I’ve conquered those demons, I can’t. Am I better? Yes, my situation improves with each passing year—a combination of caring less and less about what others think, concentrating more on my character and my […]

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Having A Supportive Spouse Helps with Body Image Struggles

1 Comment 25 June 2012

Even as I near age 50, I occasionally still struggle with body image. These words haunt me as I type them. As a Christian speaker and writer, I feel like I should have conquered this foe long ago. I should be able to not only shake the monkey off my back but send him packing […]

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