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Happy 50th Birthday to My Husband and Best Friend

2 Comments 17 July 2012

Since today is my husband’s 50th birthday, I wanted to introduce him to you and celebrate him on my blog.

My husband Bret

I met Bret on a church ski trip when I was 24. We’ll celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary next month, so that tells me we’ve been together half my life. I love that thought! I love my husband with my whole heart. I probably don’t say it nearly enough, but he is truly the man of my dreams. God blessed me beyond my wildest imagination when he brought us together!

Please indulge me while I jot down a few things I appreciate about him. He’s been faithful to me–in all ways–through the years. These days that’s not a given, and I don’t take it for granted. I believe God rewards us for that kind of faithfulness, and I see that in my husband’s life.

Bret is a great father. He’s done an incredible job of relating to our kids at whatever age they are. He offers them just the right encouragement when they need it, yet he disciplines them when that’s appropriate. I’m grateful to have such an amazing great partner in parenting!

Our kids go to him with their issues and concerns because they trust him. We’ve talked many times about how rare that is. They know he’s always available to them—to listen, to support, to guide them in their way. No matter what stage they’ve been in—preschool, grade school, teenagers, even adulthood—he’s studied them, learned about them, adapted to their needs, encouraged and inspired them. They love their dad dearly.  They trust him. They’re drawn to him, his values, wisdom and advice. Through the years, Bret has earned their trust and put forth the time and energy to secure a relationship with them.

Finally, I’m grateful to my husband for supporting me in a million ways. With my efforts to write books and speak. With my efforts to stay in shape. With my many crazy ideas and work hours. With my obsessive habits. That shows a deep, deep love and commitment. I’m so grateful that he loves me. Even in my neediness. Even in my confusion about what direction to take with writing/speaking. In spite of all my fears and insecurities.

Bret is my best friend and closest confidante. I trust him with all my heart. He makes me want to be the supportive wife he needs. In response to his nurturing, encouragement and faithfulness, I want to love him, pray for him and support him in return. I’m better because of my relationship with him. I’d rather spend time with him than anyone else. Yes, I am blessed.

So, please join me in saying Happy 50th Birthday to my husband! 

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2 Comments so far

  1. Anne Mateer says:

    Happy birthday to Bret!

  2. Rose says:

    That’s beautiful!! Happy Birthday Bret!

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